The Counseling Department
We are the bridge between the home and the classroom. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s performance at school, inside or outside of the classroom, let us know. We would be happy to meet with you any time. We are here to help your child succeed.
RUSD Counseling Belief Statements
All Secondary Counselors in the Rowland Unified School District hold the same beliefs about our students:
  1. All students have the right to a safe and supportive learning environment.
  2. All students shall have access to a school counselor who actively advocates for their academic, career, and social emotional needs.
  3. All students have the right to be heard and treated with respect and dignity.
  4. All students deserve a school counselor who will collaborate with families, stakeholders, and who will provide community resources to meet students’ needs and assist in student development.
  5. All students should be allowed to make mistakes; mistakes should not define a student.
What RHS Counselors Do For You
  • Guide students one-on-one through an academic 4-Year Plan.
  • Talk with students any time they have a question or concern.
  • Monitor academic progress.
  • Meet with and counsel students who are not meeting their potential.
  • Communicate with parents to make sure they are aware of their child’s progress.
  • Devise interventions for students not meeting their potential.
  • Encourage & motivate students to do their best.
  • Help students and parents understand graduation and 4-year college A-G requirements.
  • Help students pick classes each year.
  • Help students earn their high school diploma & be prepared for the future of their choice.
  • Provide a safe, welcoming place where students can get help with anything for any reason at any time.
College and Career Center
Our College and Career Center is located in the center of campus and it's a place where you'll find a variety of resources to help you with your college and career goals. You can get help applying to college, applying for financial aid, choosing majors, and exploring careers. Click the button below to check out the College and Career Center website 👇🏻 
Counseling Staff
Counseling Office Staff
  • If you need information about enrolling your child, contact Ms. Estrada or Ms. Gonzalez below 👇🏻
  • If you need information about transcripts, work permits, check-outs, or education verification, contact Ms. Lee below 👇🏻