How to Enroll

Aeries Enrollment

1. 👉🏻 CLICK HERE to create an account. Be sure to fill in all information. After finishing the online process, please print the enrollment form and all attachments. The registration process is not complete until all items on the registration checklist are completed.
2. Make an appointment to enroll:
  • If your child's last name starts with A-Jh, call Ms. Gonzalez to schedule a time to enroll (her contact info is below) 👇🏻  
  • If your child's last name starts with Ji-Z, call Ms. Estrada to schedule a time to enroll (her contact info is below) 👇🏻 
  • Your child will be enrolled by a counselor based on the student’s last name.
  • Students must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian with whom they are living when they come in for registration.
  • If your child is currently receiving Special Education services then you must make an appointment with our School Psychologist before making an appointment to enroll.
3. Bring all printed documents from the Online Registration to Rowland High School during your scheduled appointment. You will also be required to provide the following items:
  • Proof of Residency (gas/water/electric bill, escrow papers or rental agreement) Note: If you are renting a room from someone then the owner of the house needs to provide the proof of residency with a letter verifying that you and your child are indeed renting a room at the address stated. 
  • Identification of Parent/Guardian (driver’s license or ID Card)
  • Guardianship/Caregiver Form (if a student is living with someone other than a parent, guardianship papers must be presented).
  • Transcripts and Checkout Grades
  • Immunization Records from either the doctor or the previous school (must have Tdap shot and 2nd dose of Varicella)
  • Birth Certificate
If your child speaks a language other than (or in addition to) English, s/he may have to take a placement test before enrolling.
4. Address Verification
👉🏻 CLICK HERE to verify which school is your home school by entering your address. Your address must be within the Rowland High School attendance boundaries.
Students who are not within the Rowland High School attendance boundaries, but are wishing to attend Rowland, must go through the Intra/Inter District transfer process by starting at their home school or district.
5. Registration Instructions
If you need information on enrolling your child contact Ms. Estrada or Ms. Gonzalez below 👇🏻