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Ms. Goodwin's Home Page (Room B-1)

Welcome to Room B-1's math class for the 2020-2021 school year! We are happy to have you.
My name is Ms. Goodwin, and I strongly believe that everyone is capable of learning mathematics deeply provided sufficient resources, support, and guidance. The Claremont Teacher Education program has ingrained in me a passion for social justice - in particular, taking the time to get to know students as people. I am looking forward to helping students discover the immense power they possess to positively change the world around them.



Welcome to the online math learning page for Ms. Goodwin. Here are some details regarding how your child's math learning will be structured during this time.


Class Format: Each math period will meet four times a week according to the "Math Zoom Classroom LOGIN INFO" documents provided on your math period's respective Google Classroom. During this time, we will review and engage in discussions about current content. There will be a balanced mix of direct instruction, whole class activities, small group student collaboration, etc. Students will be able to ask questions and receive individualized assistance throughout the live Zoom sessions.


Structure of Work: At the start of each week, all resources and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom on Sundays at 5:00 PM and will be due by Saturdays at 9:00 PM unless otherwise specified. Students are invited to collaborate with peers and receive help from the teacher during the learning process but are expected to produce original work for submission at all times.

Work may be submitted by taking a photo of the student's work and submitting it to Google Classroom under the appropriate assignment section. You may opt to print out any resources or worksheets if you have access, but you can show your work on paper whenever necessary.


Office Hours:  Students may communicate questions, concerns, and needs during the Q&A parts of our weekly Zoom meetings. At any time, if a student or parent needs clarification or a specific question about our math class, please email me at You can expect to receive a response within 24 hours.


Assessments: Each week, we will engage in Checkpoints (small quiz-like problem sets in Zoom class); these are opportunities for students to monitor their own progress and receive immediate feedback. There will also be Unit Assessments such as the creation of artifacts where students get to demonstrate their knowledge and reflect on their understanding from a unit of content.

We expect that all work and products submitted reflect the author's original thought and problem-solving.

Participation:  Students will earn credit for all tasks and assignments they actively participate in.

Feedback/Grading:  Feedback will be given and assignments will be graded on a weekly basis.

Born in China, I was brought over to the United States at 11 months old by my adoptive parents, who then lived in Diamond Bar. Since then, I grew up in Chino, California and attended Don Antonio Lugo High School where I discovered a passion for tutoring and working with others. I went on to attend UCLA, where I earned my Bachelor's of Science in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Statistics (yes, the food is amazing there!). Right after, I entered the Teacher Education program at Claremont Graduate University, where I earned my Master of Education and credential.
Previously, I taught at El Rancho High in Pico Rivera. The 2020-21 school year will be my second year with the RHS family, and I am elated to continue learning about and working with the bright and dedicated young adults of this community. My classroom is a space where we work towards achieving our goals and improving the world around us one thoughtful action at a time.
P.S. Outside of teaching, I also enjoy tennis, playing piano, listening to music, drawing, writing poetry, reading, and spending time with family (including my 3 little doggies).


Back to School-Goodwin-IB Math-period 3

Here are the Google Slides to accompany the Back-to-School Night presentation:

Back to School-Goodwin-Geometry-periods 2-4-5-6

Here is a link to the slides that accompany our Back-to-School Night presentation:
REMOTE LEARNING: Please see our Google Classroom page for up-to-date daily information necessary for continuing our math learning.