DVMArts 02 Animation

Design, Visual and Media Arts 2

Teacher: Edwin Gomez 

Email: [email protected]

Classroom Ext:3303

Office hours: by appointment only

Course: DVMArts 2


Fall/ Spring Semester

DVMArt 2



In this course, students will be introduced to the art of animation. Students will learn how to animate traditional animation, stop-motion animation, and digital vector animation through the 12 principles of animation. 

Students will learn pre-production for animation:

  1. The Art of Story Development
  2. The art of Character design 
  3. The art of Character layout
  4. The art of Prop Design 
  5. The art of Background layout 
  6. The art of Storyboard layout
  7. The Art of Character Animation
  8. The Art of Experimental Animation
  9. Voice Over Animation

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Analyze and apply the principles of animation to create the believable movement of an animated character.


Create believable movement based on the correct application of basic character

Movement such as Arcs, Waves, Lip Sync, and Breaking limbs.


  1.  Apply professional conduct through the on-time delivery of assignments and attendance.

Critically examine the character animation of professional animators and classmates to

identify and proactively communicate successful and unsuccessful character

performances and narrative.




  1. Sketchbook
  2. Notebook for note-taking
  3. Pens and pencils for sketching and idea development


Wow Week:

In class activities!

Class introductions:

  • Getting to know your classmates
  • Activities/Projects
  • Getting to know Mr. Gomez
  • Online procedures for class
  • Learning tools and methods
  • What are phases and how do we use them


Class Procedures

  • Equipment safety
  • Classroom Safety
  • Computer Safety
  • Phone Policy
  • Food policy
  • Grading policy
  • Restroom Policy
  • Being Respectful In-class


Assignment Breakdown:

Story Development


Dialogue Development

Character breakdown

Character Design

Character arcs

Background Development

  1. Interior
  2. Exteriors
  3. Props 

Shot development

Scene Development

Camera Movements

Character placement based on 180 rule

Staging & Appeal


Animatic development


We will begin by discussing the 12 principles of animation:

  1. timing
  2. squash and stretch
  3. anticipation
  4. Staging
  5.  Straight-ahead & pose to pose
  6.  Arcs
  7. Exaggeration
  8. slow in and slow out
  9. overlapping action
  10. follow through and overlapping action
  11. secondary action
  12. Appeal

We will look at:

  1. Key Frames
  2. Breakdowns
  3. In-betweens:

Each project breaks down into three phases. 

Phase 01 

Pre-conceptual design

Phase 02

Thumb nailing and development

Phase 03

Production and final development


The total number of points per phase will range based on assignment difficulty. I will discuss this with you in class.

I will always make you aware of any point count adjustments or changes during our weekly assignment discussion in class.


Hello class and welcome to another exciting year at Rowland High School!

I would like to welcome you to our Digital Visual Media Arts Department. 

I'm excited and look forward to working with all of you this year! Remember that creativity is about exploration, visualization, experimentation, and having an open mind to visual options.

Remember that every year is about challenges, failures, successes, and growing through our experiences.

You will shape your experiences in everything you do in life, and I am here to serve as a guide, mentor, educator, and steward of your journey as a young creative. 

Stay creative, and Welcome to Visual Communication!


Stay creative, 

Mr. Gomez