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Parking Lot Rules & Regulations

The following regulations will be enforced pursuant to the provisions of Vehicle Code 21113 of the State of California.

1.    A student driver must obtain a parking contract form from the ASB Office.  This contract must be taken home, read and signed by the student and the parent/guardian, and returned to the ASB office at lunch.

2.    Upon receipt of the signed contract, the student’s car will be registered and he/she will be issued a numbered hanger permit to be placed on the rear view mirror facing out.  This hanger must be displayed while parked on campus.

3.    There is a fee of $15 for regular parking and $25 for a special senior permit.

4.    Permits are required from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

5.    The lot will be checked daily for cars not having current hanging permits.  The Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Department, or Campus Peace Officers may issue citations to owners of those vehicles parked in violation of the California Vehicle Code Section 21113 or other laws governing parking.

6.    A hanger and registration must be obtained for every car that the student brings to school; hangers are not transferable between cars.

7.    Reckless driving and excessive speed in the parking lot or in the vicinity of the school will not be tolerated and will draw immediate loss of parking privileges.  The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 MPH.

8.    Once a car is driven onto the lot it must be parked.  Cruising in and out of the lot or in front of the school is not permitted.

9.    Students are to leave the parking lot area as soon as their cars have been parked.  The lot is off limits during the school day.  Students are not allowed to eat lunch in their cars or work on them during this time.

10.    Student drivers who must leave during the school day for medical or family business must bring a note from their parents and follow regular attendance procedures.

11.    Students are not permitted to park in Faculty, Staff, Visitor, Reserved, or Handicapped (unless displaying the appropriate placard) parking stalls or behind the shops of the M building.

12.    Cars should be locked at all times while parked at school.

13.   Any violation of the Vehicle Code or other laws governing parking will be cited.  All  
        vehicles must head into stalls, take only one stall, not park in restricted parking
        zones, not park along red or yellow curbs, not block other vehicles, and have the
        hanging parking permit displayed.