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Dance Code

1.    You must be a Rowland High School student to purchase a dance ticket. At proms only, your date may be an underclass Rowland student, a guest from another school, or an older guest who is a non-student with a valid date pass.

2.    Rowland students must have a valid school ID; guests must have a valid school ID or valid driver’s license in order to attend the dance.  

3.    Dance attendees must clear all bills through ASB before buying a ticket.

4.    All students and guests: No alcoholic beverages, drugs, weapons, or tobacco are permitted. Students and guests may not be under the influence.

5.    Administration, faculty, and campus peace officers will be in attendance to ensure that proper conduct is maintained, along with facility security. Inappropriate dancing that emulates/insinuates sexual activity (i.e., freaking, etc.) is prohibited.

6.    No student/guest will be permitted into the dance after one and half hours after the beginning of the dance and no student/guest will be signed out before a half of hour before the dance ends Once you leave the building, you have permanently left the dance.

7.    All students and guests must observe all Rowland High School rules and regulations and dress code.  

8.     Formal attire is required at dances.  Females should wear appropriate dresses and males should wear a tie and jacket. Bare feet, tennis shoes, flip flops, and slippers are not acceptable footwear.  Students dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to enter the dance and will not receive a refund.

9.     Date changes must be reported to ASB no later than 3 days before the dance.  Only those names on the official list will be permitted. 

10.   There will be a service charge of $5 to change date names or refund tickets.