Grad Requirement #1- Earn 225 Credits
  • 40 credits/4 classes of English
  • 30 credits/3 classes of Social Studies (World History, U.S. History, and Government/Economics)
  • 20 credits/2 classes of Science
  • 20 credits/2 classes of Math
  • 10 credits/1 class of either Foreign Language OR Fine Arts
  • 20 credits/2 classes of Physical Education
  • 20 career pathway credits/2 classes (see Career Pathway page)
  • 60 elective credits/6 classes
  • 5 credits/1 semester of Health
Academic Plan Worksheet
Below is an Academic Plan worksheet you can use to map out your 4 years at Rowland and to help you plan out when and how you can meet each graduation requirement. 
The Academic Plan also includes sample schedules for each grade level and for each program we offer. 
Of course, your RHS counselor will also be meeting with students to help map out their Academic Plan as well.