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AVID's Digital Teaching and Learning

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AVID’s new Digital Teaching and Learning training helps educators choose: what tools are best suited for their class, when to incorporate apps and other tools, and how to teach the digital skills that will help students leverage and meaningfully use technology in college, careers, and life.

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  • 10:52 The Power of belief -- mindset and success

    What is your mindset in math? Is it one of a growth mindset where you learn from your mistakes or is it one of a fixed mindset - which imprison you into thinking you can't do math? Watch this video that I show midway into the first semester.

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    "AVID is hope for teachers because it gives teachers the tools to connect with and help students succeed."
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    What is AVID? We start with why. Why are we so committed to student success and why are we so successful?

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  • --:-- What Is AVID

    AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination. Where students can achieve success and conquer challenges. Lifelong Advantage.

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