Use this link to access ELPAC online practice and training tests.  Log in with your first name (as it appears on Aeries) and your state ID, which can be found under your 10 digit school ID (under the Student Info drop down menu, select Profile --> click on the General Tab).

1).  Click "Listening Activities" and select your level of difficulty ("Easy", "Intermediate", and/or "Difficult").
2).  Scroll down to select the listening activity of your your choice and click on the link.

Please sign in with your school Google account.

  1. Read an article at the following Lexile level or higher (ELD 2 = 600+, ELD 3 = 800+, English 9 SDAIE = 900+),

  2. highlight and annotate a minimum of three words / phrases,

  3. respond to the writing, and

  4. take the quiz.  You may not use Google Translate (or any other type of resource).

  • Click on "EasyBridge Customer"

  • Select "ROWLAND UNIFIED SCH DISTRICT-INT" and click "Go"

  • Log in with your school email address

  • (To troubleshoot: click on the column of three dots in the upper right hand corner of the window → select “More tools” → select “Clear browsing data”  → select “All time” from the dropdown box → click “Clear data” → repeat the steps for logging in)

Help your child develop his/her literacy skills while helping to earn free books for our classroom library.  Class Code: J2VB9