Welcome to Business Classes

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!
This year, I will be teaching the following courses:
  • CI Technologies (4th & 5th Period)
  • Accounting (1st Period)
  • Advanced Accounting (1st Period)
  • Personal Finance (3rd & 6th Period)
On this homepage, the Syllabi are all linked for downloading. However, I have very detailed calendars on each page. This leads to the biggest policy; attendance. If your child misses a day, homework or projects are due the next day they return. If they miss an exam, they have three days to make up the exam, or they will be given a zero. I try to keep scores updated within 48 hours, so you and the students are able to check grades daily. Please reach out to my email for a 24-hour response if needed: [email protected].