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Mrs. Leslie Phillips » Why participate in extracurricular activities?

Why participate in extracurricular activities?

According to an article called The Extracurricular Edge, written by the College Board, students should become involved in extracurricular activities.A College Board study revealed that participants in extracurricular activities often achieve higher SAT scores.
The study suggests that important reasoning abilities measured by tests like the SAT® are developed both in and out of the classroom. Results show that participation in extracurricular activities benefits minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged students as much or more than economically advantaged students.
Also stated in the article, students should realize that there is more than meets the eye to the admissions game. Admissions officers know that what potential students do with their time outside of school reveals important personal dimensions that statistics can't show.  Participating in an extracurricular activity—be it student government, a sport, a part-time job or volunteering—while maintaining good grades, demonstrates:
• Time-management skills
• Ability to prioritize
• Motivation
• Responsibility
• Leadership qualities