Welcome to Ms. Oertwig's Page for the 2023-2024 school year! 

I am excited for a great year together learning about the world, our country, diverse cultures, and the impact of the past on our present and future. I teach Honors World History and AP European History. In these classes, we'll pursue becoming well-rounded critical thinkers who not only know about the past, but apply it to the world and making it a better place. Skills and content will both be emphasized in pursuit of an understanding of the world's events and why they matter to us today.


Google Classroom is the primary platform being used. Assignments and an agenda will be posted daily. Please actively check my Google Classroom and the student's school email for regular updates. If you ever need to reach me, please send me an email without hesitation. I look forward to our year together, as we are living history every day! Let's enjoy this educational journey through time and our world together.


For more class information, please go to "Links" and review my syllabus and class website.

About Me

I am excited to be back for my fifth year as a Rowland Raider. After high school, I attended University of California, San Diego and graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in History. I then moved on to Biola University, where I obtained my teaching credentials in Social Science and English. I completed my Masters in Education at Biola University as well, with my thesis being on gaps in emotional disturbance.


I am passionate about history, learning, and travel. I studied abroad in London during college, and have travelled to 11 countries in Europe so far. My most recent trip was this past summer visiting Egypt, which was a childhood dream come true - as far back as 6th grade I loved ancient history! I look forward to exploring more of Africa and more continents in years to come. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going to Disneyland, hiking, serving at church, playing games, and reading.


I am currently an advisor for RHS Link Crew and Christians on Campus. I love being involved in both the academic and extracurricular Raider communities.