English Language Development

ELD Vision Statement
The Rowland Heights Community has changed dramatically in demographics challenging Rowland High School to provide a program to meet the growth in numbers of students who need significant English language development. A primary goal of Rowland High School is to prepare students to be productive contributing citizens of the United States. We realize that the diversity of cultures continue to enrich our American society. Therefore, our goal is to provide a program for limited English speaking students that develops linguistic and cultural skills necessary to achieve their educational goals. The Rowland High School ELD Program helps students to transition effectively as contributing members of their adopted society, economically, politically, socially, and personally, as they become an integral part of the fabric of American society.
ELD Philosophy
The ELD department believes in the philosophy that a structured English immersion program that emphasizes communication-based instruction and supports through the integration of listening, speaking, reading, and writing will provide equal access to the school curriculum and the path to academic success. Cultural immersion takes place in classes that provide a comfortable learning atmosphere. Language is learned through student-centered themes and activities that allow students to connect with other students in the school and community. This enables students to participate in the school program and community.
Biographical Sketch
California schools are experiencing an unparalleled and unprecedented explosion of non-English speaking and limited-English speaking students. More than 110 languages are spoken by students in California schools. This extraordinary diversity of California's school population presents enormous challenges that must be met daily in the classroom.