Rowland Saga Yearbook

Yearbook, first and foremost, is a not-for-profit class. The Rowland Saga Yearbook staff dedicates itself to recording all of the school year's greatest moments. With photographs, articles, and layouts, the students devote their time to creating a memorable book for all students to cherish for years to come. Not only do staff members provide the school with something to remember, but they learn and gain long-lasting and valuable skills in communication, advertising, networking, computer design, photography, and creative writing. Students also receive CAR hours for being in the class.

Class of 2024 Parents!

We invite you to consider purchasing a dedication for your graduating senior. Submit photos and a written note for your student, that they can cherish on their next journey and even long after they leave high school. It's the perfect graduation gift to show your love and support.

If you are interested...

To purchase a yearbook or dedication, click on Yearbook Order Center. Scroll to the bottom if you are on a mobile device.