UC/Cal State Approved Visual and Performing Arts at RHS


RHS Visual & Performing Arts

Cal State/UC Visual & Performing Arts

AP Art 2D, 3D, Drawing

Architectural Design, Advanced Arch Des

Art, Advanced Art, Art Special Projects

Chamber Singers

Concert Choir

Construction Tech 1, 2


Dance 1 (after 2 years of PE)

Design Visual Media I, II, III

Digital Animation ROP

Engineering/Design Tech


IB Theatre HL 1, HL 2, SL

IB Visual HL 1, HL 2, SL

Jazz Band

Marching Band (after 2 years of PE)


Percussion Ensemble

Photo Media I, II, III

Photo Special Project


Theatre Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Theatre Project Advanced


Treble Singers

Vocal Ensemble (A’Cappella)

Wind Ensemble I, II