Rowland High School

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Raider Goals

Successful students will be:
  • Question actively to pursue greater understanding
  • Critically consider information to determine accuracy and relevancy
  • Utilize appropriate resources in the search for solutions and ongoing achievement
  • Reflect deeply for connections, synthesis and integration
  • Assess progress regularly to set challenging personal goals

  • Read carefully with the purpose of gaining knowledge and understanding
  • Write clearly with the goal of conveying thoughts and feelings to others
  • Speak openly with conviction, confidence and respect
  • Listen attentively to understand the thoughts, feelings and intentions of others
  • Demonstrate interest and respect with nonverbal behaviors
  • Collaborate willingly with others to advance the learning of everyone
  • Participate courageously and embrace the role of a group member
  • Act appropriately and promote responsible behaviors
  • Respect and acknowledge the values and beliefs of others
  • Serve selflessly and dutifully, recognizing service as benefiting everyone