CTE: Architecture, Engineering, Construction

Welcome to the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Technology Class in our Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway.
Career Technical Education is a unique educational pathway that equips students with hands-on, practical knowledge, skills, and training directly aligned with real-world career opportunities in various technical fields. Our specialized program in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Technology goes beyond conventional classrooms, providing you with a rare opportunity to delve into these exciting disciplines.
Here, you'll learn through experience, working with cutting-edge tools, technologies, and industry experts to design, build, and innovate. The benefits of joining our program include gaining marketable skills that can lead to rewarding careers, earning industry certifications, engaging in cooperative learning experiences with local businesses, and building a portfolio that will make you stand out in the job market.
Additionally, our robust curriculum and collaboration with renowned professionals in the field provide an excellent foundation for college entrance. The skills and experiences gained here not only align with many college degree programs in architecture, engineering, and construction but also make you an attractive candidate for admissions, potentially offering you a competitive edge in applying to higher educational institutions.
We're thrilled to have you explore this distinctive program, where your creativity will meet technology, your ideas will shape structures, and your ambitions will find the foundation to soar. Embark on this enriching journey with us, where the blueprint to your future success awaits!


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Check this interesting video from Solidworks. You can find the same software being used in the video in our very own M-4 Computer Lab!

Laser Cutting

Check out this video from the amazing "TESTED" series. Follow as the create a puzzle box with the same laser engraver found in our very own M-4 Shop!

Modern Industrial Technology

Interesting video from one of your local private colleges about how architecture, art, design, engineering and construction technology come together. Many of the tools and machines can be found in our very own M-4 Shop!

Rowland Press Release

Congratulations to CTE’s Architecture & Design seniors Claire Pan and Jeremy Galland who placed 1st and 2nd, respectively, at the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Southern California’s Architectural Design and Model Building Contest at Don Bosco Tech on May 13. The competition pitted Claire and Jeremy against over 100 other students, representing several schools throughout the east Los Angeles County region. Claire also distinguished herself and our school by winning the Grand Prize Sweepstakes, given to the best overall project in multiple categories.

“We’re very proud of our students’ achievements. Through our program, which stresses the practical integration of architectural design, our students are gaining an understanding of many types of structures. The successes at the recent competition demonstrate just one reason why our students go on to experience success in their university studies and professional careers.”

- Mr. Frausto.