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Math Club is a club that has greatly expanded throughout the years and has pursued growth with a competitive focus. This club incorporates academic math skills as well as provides fun to all members. 

Math Club seeks to expand through competitive means and has offered monthly competitions that challenge Algebra through Calculus students all alike. The challenges that Math Club offers are suitable and appealing to students of all grades and all math courses. 

Math Club members participated in many competitions hosted by National Assessment & Testing throughout the year and has been successful and improving each succeeding year. This year, Math Club members finished 25th place in the nation on the 2006 Team Scramble and placed 17th in the nation on the 2007 Four-by-Four Competition. 

Other achievements also include Math Club clutching a 3rd place on the Online Math League Competition and a 13th place on the Ciphering Time Trial Competition. National competitions consist of many problems with a broad range of topics that are to be completed within a time limit. Competitions can enhance participant's mathematical abilities, and provide both confidence and competition. 

Aside from competitions against other schools in the nation, Math Club also offers rankings among members which allows students to pit their skills against one another, together seeking to grow in mathematical ability and demonstrating their best with a competitive strive. 

The club welcomes all students interested in mathematics, regardless of their math level. Math Club strongly encourages participating from students who seek to expand their math skills or desire to join a competitive environment. Incentives are consistently given throughout the year for participating in competitions and top prizes are awarded to members who demonstrate active participation and achievements. 

Also, there are no membership fees for Math Club. Any students interested in joining the club or finding out more about the club can visit Mr. Dawdy in room P-9 to be directed to a Math Club officer.

Team Scramble:
On Thursday November 2nd, 2006, RHS Math Club members participated in the 2006 Team Scramble, a national mathematics contest administered by National Assessment & Testing, and finished 25th in the nation. A team of 16 students in 9th through 12th grade collaborated together to complete 100 problems in 30 minutes.The problems found on the contest cover topics from arithmetic to calculus, including puzzle style problems not seen on many math contests. The broad range of topics, large number of problems, and short time limit combine to make all team members extremely valuable; inexperienced students can work on the easier problems, allowing experienced team members to focus on harder problems. This contest is designed not only to enhance participants' mathematical abilities, but also their ability to collaborate effectively under the management of the team leader, because only one answer sheet is submitted. Adding to the challenge of Chicopee, participants are not allowed to use any calculators or electronic devices and are only supplied with writing implements and blank scratch papers.

Four-by-Four Competition:
On Thursday February 1st, 2007, RHS Math Club members competed in the 2007 Four-by-Four Competition. The Four-by-Four Competition requires students to work together and make choices regarding which problems they will attempt to solve, rewarding teams that combine the strengths of their members effectively and giving all students some practice with these valuable skills. The competition consists of ten rounds in which teams of four students are given three are given three minutes to solve four problems per round. The problems in each round cover a variety of topics and range from easy to difficult, providing both confidence and challenges to all students. Each four-person team is scored according to their division, which is based on the sum of their grade levels (Rock (36-39), Paper (40-44), and Scissors (45-48)). Four RHS teams competed in this competition and received a score total to 121 placing Rowland High School 17th in the nation.