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Welcome to Paradise! Otherwise known as Mr. Molla's Algebra I  or 6th Grade Algebra I class. Algebra I is the 1 year Algebra course designed and based on the California State Common Core Algebra I Standards. This course will be a virtual classroom this year.  Please find the parent letter below.

Please read and Follow the Class Expectations for our Successful  Virtual Classroom 


Live Class (Zoom) Expectations:

1.  I will use video conferencing for educational purposes only.
2.  I will let my family know when the live class is starting.
3.  I will check my background and “stop video screen” to ensure that nothing personal or inappropriate is on display or 
4.  I will keep my live class meeting ID private and I will join my classes only.
5.  I will share posted videos only with our Learning Community. Our Learning Community refers to our staff, students, and         parents.
6.  I will keep my personal information safe. (No sharing of addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc.)
7.  I will post only content that is appropriate to the assignment. I will stay on task in order to meet the learning objective.
8.  I will stay focused in zoom. (No personal grooming, make-up, eating, or chewing gum in front of the camera).
9.  I will log in with my real, full name and show my entire face.
10.  I will be respectful and kind to my teachers and classmates.
         ● I will practice proper communication skills. (No inappropriate gestures or any verbal, written, and/or typed             
            comments  that are rude, negative, or offensive about teachers, classmates, or any of my classmate’s work.)
         ● I will physically raise my hand, or use the raise hand feature when I want to speak and wait to be acknowledged
            before speaking. 
         ● I will mute my microphone during a live class unless I have been given permission to speak.
         ● I will dress appropriately for a classroom setting, according to the school dress code.
         ● I will find a quiet environment that I could sit and learn.
Please see virtual Bell Schedule in Link above this line...