Rowland High School

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To join my Zoom  class sessions: 
1. Log into Google
2. Log into Clever while you are logged into Google
3. Look at the teacher page.  
4. You will see a box that says "First Day at School" with a Zoom icon
5. Click on the Zoom icon
I am Mr. John Kim and this is my first year Rowland High School.  I will be teaching Geometry, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science A.
I was originally trained as a biomedical engineer but due to problems with my eyes, I could not continue as an engineer.  Although I teach math, I still enjoy programming, working with electronics and other engineering activities.
Google Class Codes:
Period 1 AP Computer Science Principles:              qo2jqfp
Period 2 AP Computer Science A:                            3llynkx
Period 4 AP Computer Science Principles:              3igbshs
Period 5 Geometry                                                     idqeecf
Period 6 AP Computer Science Principles:              nii5lnr