Interact Club

The Interact Club at Rowland High School is a service club that is dedicated to helping the community around us. We had a really busy schedule last year, participated in many events such as the Choc Walk, MS Walk, Big Sunday, Can Food Drive, and Ronald McDonald House just to name a few. 

This year, we plan to do even more activities and give everyone a chance to participate and make a change in the world. As middle class high school students in Rowland Heights, its time we gave back to the community and the less fortunate by donating everything from our time to our money to our effort. 

Our club is open to everyone who is willing to help. Please give it some thought and join our club. Not only will you come out feeling happy that you helped someone's life, but you can have fun too. Throughout the year, we took two field trips to some fun places like Disneyland and UC Irvine and we had a social as well as an end of the year banquet. 

So come on and join Interact! We promise to make it one of the best experiences of high school. Download an application below and turn it in to the club advisor.