2022-2023 Class Syllabus
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1. General Information



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1. Dress Code 2016

There is a " No D Policy" applies to Chinese IB & AP classes.


Kuo's Chinese Classes Overview

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The Course

The key to opening the future for a learner is to learn world languages in the 21st century (Jacobs, 2013).  Language learning is not limited by only communicating with native speakers of that language but also broadening their cultural understanding and appreciation of target culture as well as their own culture.  Students cannot be not only proficient in the language but remains accomplished in the three modes of communication: Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational;  surrounded by  Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, Communities  (Clementi & Terrill, 2013).    Therefore, learners also sharpen their learning power, gain career opportunities because a learner "develops insight into their own language and culture,"  as well as "taking a more invigorating and open view of the world" (21st Century Skills Map, 2011).  Learning the language allows the student exposure of the real world and various situations one may encounter.

What students will achieve in class: 

1.  Learn to read, write, speak and understand Mandarin Chinese.
2.  Create a personal webpage (website)
3.  Create a personal Blog
4.  Acquire 3+ web-based technology tools
5.  Learn how to write simple computer codes, also known as the "Coding."
6. College and career ready (CCR) portfolio  (upper division Chinese students, including graduating seniors)
Innovation Learning

Learning in the 21st century involves innovative learning.  And you cannot learn innovative without technologies.   Therefore you must be come with an open-mind to be ready to explore the technology tools in this classroom.
  • This course is tech-rich and you will be utilizing digital tools and resources for learning throughout the course.
  • All technology tools provide a free-version for students to use for FREE.   
  • There are tutorials to help students learn these digital tools, many of which can be found on the YouTube and Google sites.  Don't be afraid to search for help!  (try using search terms such as "Tutorial" or "demo" and the name of the tool or website).

Teacher Contact Information

 Grace Kuo
E-mail: [email protected]



​Please inform teacher during the first week of classes about any disability or special needs that you may have that may require specific arrangements related to attending class sessions, ​

Traditional Learning + Innovative Learning = 21st Century World Language Learning

 Class Rules: 

​1. Come to class on time.  You must be seated when the tardy bell rings or you will be marked tardy.

2. Bring your notebook/textbook and all items necessary to class daily.

3. No eating, drinking in class.  You may bring a bottle water but it must be with a cap.

4. Turn off your cell phone and electronic devices.  Do put them away.

5.  Courtesy and respect for the rights and property of others is expected. 

6. The room will be maintained clean and orderly.

7. Be a successful Raider- a Thinker, a Contricutor, and a Communicator.

​8. Follow the school dress code.  

For Individual Chinese Course, Please proceed to the appropriate Chinese level in rhschinese.weebly.com.


​Grades for late assignments and required forms will be reduced by 20% each day after the assignment due date unless approval for late work is given in advance. 

** Not all be accepted after due date.  (Teacher will announce accordingly) 

Name on Assignments:

Make sure your name is written on all papers you submitted or points will be deducted!

Extra Credit Options

No extra credit is available.