Family & Consumer Science

Life management (9 - 12 Year)
This introductory core class is a survey of all areas of Family and Consumer Sciences including development of leadership skills, consumer education, foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, housing and furnishings, child development and parenthood education. Each unit is six weeks in length. While exploring the many content areas, the student is exposed to career opportunities for each area. Course work includes hands-on projects.
Foods and Nutrition (9 - 12 Year)
Foods and nutrition provides opportunities for students to plan, prepare and evaluate nutritious meals. The curriculum covers microwave cooking, nutrition, entertaining, budgeting, food terminology, marketing and storing of food, and the use and care of kitchen equipment. Students work in small groups preparing food, one to two days a week. The foods topics are: salads, casseroles, egg cookery, quick and yeast breads, desserts, vegetables, fruits, dairy foods and meal management. Students will use computers to analyze diets and plan nutritious meals.
Gourmet & International Foods (10 - 12 Year)
Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in Foods and Nutrition. Students will plan, prepare and evaluate international foods for their personal meals or for future occupational objectives. Students will learn to appreciate the differences in international cuisines and the historical and geographical reasons for these differences. They will also gain a greater understanding of meal patterns across the US and become more conscious of the variety of cuisines. Students will plan, prepare and evaluate a variety of gourmet foods to expand their awareness of restaurant terminology. Students will plan a variety of meal patterns such as luncheons, buffets, receptions and dinners. Special dietary needs of athletes, the elderly, children, vegetarians, and those on weight loss programs will be covered.
Restaurant Occupations ( 9-12 Year)
Students will learn skills in one or more of the many areas included in this field: waiter/waitress, bus person, host/hostess, short order cook, and fry cook. General knowledge and procedures of kitchen operation, safety, sanitation, cashiering and restaurant management. Training takes place in the Golden JAR Restaurant. This program is one of the few foods service classes in Southern California with the amenities of a self-contained, full service restaurant on campus.
Child Development (10 - 12 Year)
This course is noted as a "G" in the A-G course study for UC schools! Students will learn the importance of prenatal care essential for a healthy baby. Proper parenting techniques for the newborn, infant and preschool aged child are emphasized. The care and understanding of developmental needs and characteristics of the whole child from prenatal through adolescent are covered. Special topics such as divorce, child abuse, latch key children, and children with special needs will be covered.
Parenting/Family Life (11 - 12 Year)
NEW!!  This course was just accepted as a "G" in the A-G course study for UC schools!  Parenting covers interpersonal relationships from dating to marriage and family life. Topics include needs and conflicts between society and the individual, and the benefits of family planning. The focus on family living begins with the differences in family composition, preparation for future families, the significance and functions of family roles and responsibilities, and coping with pressure and crisis in individual and family life. The problems associated with teen parenting are covered in a variety of family help services are examined. We read through our book and learn more about our 7 habits of highly successful TEENS. Students have opportunities to develop problem solving skills, prioritizing skills, goals selection and decision making skills, comparative shopping skills and evaluation of choices and apply these skills to home and work life.