BYU Independent Study

If you need to makeup a D or F, you may be able to repeat the class through BYU's Independent Study Program, a UC-approved online provider*. As of December 2015, a 5-credit/one semester class costs between $136-$146 not including a textbook. 
How to Enroll
1. Get prior approval from your RHS counselor before enrolling. Classes not approved by your counselor will not be acknowledged by RHS. Students cannot be enrolled in a BYU course and also concurrently taking the same course at RHS. 
2. CLICK HERE to choose your online course and enroll. 
3. Make sure you identify yourself as an RHS student by registering with Rowland High's ACT code of 052696.
Below are the courses that have been approved for RHS students to take. If the course is not listed on this page, you will not receive credit for taking the class. 
  • English 9A: ENGL 41
  • English 9B: ENGL 43
  • English 10A: ENGL 45
  • English 10B: ENGL 47
  • English 11A: ENGL 51
  • English 11B: ENGL 53
  • English 12A: ENGL 55
Foreign Language
  • Spanish 1A: SPAN 41
  • Spanish 1B: SPAN 43
  • Spanish 2A: SPAN 51
  • Spanish 2B: SPAN 53
  • Spanish 3A: SPAN 61
  • Spanish 3B: SPAN 63
  • Health: HLTH 41
  • Algebra IA: ALG 51
  • Algebra IB: ALG 53
  • Geometry A: GEOM 41
  • Geometry B: GEOM 43
  • Algebra 2A: ALG 55
  • Algebra 2B: ALG 57
  • Precalculus A: PRECALC 41
  • Precalculus B: PRECALC 43
  • AP Calculus AB 1st Sem: AP CALC 61
  • AP Calculus AB 2nd Sem: AP  CALC 63
Physical Education
  • Step Aerobics: AEROB 45
  • Weight Training: WTRNG 41
  • Earth Science A: EARTH 41
  • Earth Science B: EARTH 43
Social Studies
  • Economics: Econ 041
  • Government: Govt 041 
  • World History A: HIST 64
  • World History B: HIST 65
  • US History A: HIST 41
  • US History B: HIST 43
Visual and Performing Art (Does not count for a 4-year college, only RHS)
  • Introduction to Music: Music 41
How the Program Works
After you enroll, BYU will give you instructions on what to expect concerning your specific course. In general, you complete all assignments online with your online instructor. Once all assignments have been submitted and received by BYU, you can request your final exam. Your final exam will be mailed to Ms. Escalera´╗┐, the Exam Proctor, and she will contact you so you can pick a day to take your final exam in person with her. 
*High school student athletes may no longer enroll in BYU Independent Study high school courses in order to meet NCAA Division I CORE course requirements, effective June 16, 2010. However, high school student athletes seeking NCAA Division I eligibility can take BYU Independent Study high school elective courses and core courses used for ELECTIVE credit purposes only.