Accounting is a one-year vocational course open to students in grades 10-12. Students will learn and practice accounting methods and procedures used by industry, both manually and on a computer. Students, upon completing the course, will have attained entry-level bookkeeping skills. Students who choose to continue their education will have attained a solid accounting base.
Students are introduced to the use of computer-assisted accounting programs using Peachtree software. Students are allowed to complete a full cycle of accounting duties by using pre-programmed accounting materials.
For students pursuing the Business Career Certification Program, this class is the first course in the accounting pathway or the second class in the marketing pathway.

Advanced Accounting
Accounting is a prerequisite course.
This course is designed for students in grades 11-12 who have a sincere interest in Accounting and would like to expand their knowledge of Accounting through the use of computers. This course will allow the student to complete the first year accounting book, automate the eight steps of the accounting cycle, and complete various projects both manually and on the computer.
Upon completion of the course, students are eligible to receive up to eight units at Mt. San Antonio College through articulation agreements. A challenge exam is required.
This course completes the accounting pathway for the Business Career Certification Program.

Computer Information Technologies
This class steps into the dynamic world of Computer Information Technologies, where innovation meets practicality, and creativity transforms into solutions. Our course provides deep insights into modern life's intricate web computers weave.

Explore computer info systems' vital role in business and society. From hardware to software, networking to e-commerce, dive into the digital core. Delve into ethics, security, and dynamic database management. Gain hands-on skills crafting solutions, setting you apart in a tech-driven world.

In today's tech-savvy age, understanding tech's workings is vital. This course ensures tech proficiency and impactful contributions. Embark on a captivating journey, uncovering computer secrets and embracing endless possibilities. Your gateway to mastering the digital realm awaits. Be captivated, challenged, and empowered – your tech future starts here.
This course is an entry-level course that satisfies a career pathway course requirement in the Business Career Pathway as well as a course in the Business Certification program.

Learn what it takes to successfully market products. Students will learn marketing functions that include sales, promotion, product/service management, information management/research, pricing, and distribution. Marketing occupations rely on various foundations such as economics, communication/interpersonal skills, business management and entrepreneurship to lead and make decisions. Students will practice these skills through group interaction and presentations. Marketing skills used as a career choice or as a consumer better prepares students for their future.
This course is A-G approved.

Personal Finance
Learn how to invest, manage, and protect your money. Finance is a one-year course providing an 
overview of economics, financial services and institutions, investments (stocks, bonds, and other 
investment options), the importance of establishing credit, maintaining a strong credit score, 
preventing identification theft, time value of money, buying/renting/selling a home, taxes, insurance 
(life, auto, home, health), estate/retirement planning, and money management. 
This course is an entry-level course that satisfies a career pathway course requirement in the Business Career Pathway as well as a course in the Business Certification program.
Students have the opportunity to earn 3 units of college credit that will appear on a Mt. Sac Transcript.

Senior Seminar
This course is offered to senior students who are completing the Business Career Certification Program. The prerequisites of the course include the completion of the two core courses: Information Technology, Computer Foundations, and Business Technology Management. In these two courses students must maintain a "B" average. The students must have completed or have concurrent enrollment in the two advanced courses in their chosen pathway. Students must earn a "B" average in each of these two courses.
This course includes an internship, a project, an oral presentation, a written report, and a portfolio. The portfolio will include a table of contents, a letter of introduction, a career development package, a completed evaluation form from the internship supervisor, and four work samples. The portfolio helps students organize and present a collection of work for the purpose of assessment as well as for presentation to prospective employers.
Upon successful completion of this course, and the other four courses, students will receive certification.