School Community Concerns

Hello Rowland Families,
This is principal Brunyer with an important message. Yesterday on campus an incident occurred involving our students. A video capturing a student altercation has been shared on various social media platforms. The school administration very promptly and thoroughly handled the situation with immediate and firm disciplinary action before the end of the school day. The safety of our students and staff is the highest priority at Rowland High School and throughout the Rowland Unified School District. This incident is not a reflection of our values and beliefs as a school community. Rowland High School has a positive behavior support structure in place and systems for students to address conflict and concerns in responsible and productive ways. Rowland High School does not tolerate bullying and its presence on any school campus is unacceptable. As a school community we will continue to support our students in a strong anti-bullying stance and address the importance of students involving themselves to stop these types of actions from occurring.