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English 10H-Period 5

Course Description

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Texts for Lit analysis essay  in Google Classroom

Texts for Lit analysis essay

Read p 608 "Caliban" and p 628 "Under a Certain Little Star". Analyze each for diction, tone, imagery, and other devices/elements. You will use one of these texts to respond to the prompt on Thursday.
Last Modified: Monday, November 30 12:57 PM


Character Analysis Project in Google Classroom

Character Analysis Project

You must analyze three characters, including Prospero, and two of the following:
Any other character needs to be cleared with me first.

Due at the end of our reading of the play (final dates to come).
Last Modified: Monday, November 30 12:57 PM


Lit analysis essay B rewrite in Google Classroom

Lit analysis essay B rewrite

Copy and paste your essay into a new doc. Then, using the slideshow below as a guide, go through each part and make any corrections for strength and clarity. Be ready to discuss with peers on Friday.
Last Modified: Tuesday, December 1 6:32 PM


10H Syllabus

Students in 10th grade English honors will continue their preparation for college ­level skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking as outlined in the CCSS. This course will broaden the perspectives of students as we deal with literature from a variety of sources in order to assist them in becoming academically, culturally, and technologically literate citizens within their communities.

By interacting with classic, modern, and contemporary works of fiction and non-fiction, students will have the opportunity to develop their own personal perspectives of the world in which they live, and apply them in their daily lives. In this honors class, the expectation will be for high quality work, as students meet and exceed state standards. There will be a strong emphasis on literary analysis and building rhetorical skills in order to prepare these students for AP courses.