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Korean 1, Period 4-2020-2021

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Vocab write up + 이/가 아니에요 (12/1) in Google Classroom

Vocab write up + 이/가 아니에요 (12/1)

1. write vocabs #1-15. 5x each. Upload clear picture. Include write up in Korean + English translation

학교, 교실, 컴퓨터실, 화장실, 양호실, 도서관, 체육관, 강당, 학생 식당, 반, 방, 집, 우리, 동네, 가게

2. Translate and complete the following Google doc. worksheet #1-4
use 이/가 아니에요 properly in sentences

Due: TUESDAY (12/1) @9PM
Last Modified: Tuesday, December 1 12:10 PM