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AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

AVID is a program designed to prepare students in the middle, who have not previously succeeded in a college preparatory path, for admission to four-year universities and colleges. Students are required to have a GPA between 2.5 and 3.75, good attendance, and good work habits. AVID meets the technology proficiency graduation requirement and may also be repeated for credit. 
Prerequisite: Teacher approval
 and completion of AVID contract. See link in margin.
Interested in becoming an AVID student?

Complete the application located at the front office. Then, return the completed application to the AVID counselor, Mr. Roach, in the main office. This year's AVID program is currently closed. However, applications received will be considered for the following academic year. The deadline for applications to be considered is February 22nd, 2017. AVID is a year long class. Students who apply and are accepted into AVID will required to fulfill the one year obligation. An email will be sent with an interview date for a potential placement in the AVID program.
For more information please visit: 
Tutorials and tutors play a vital role in the AVID Elective class, while also benefiting other content-area classes in a school. As a key component to the collaboration portion of the AVID System, tutorials are a time and place where students come with complex questions from any content class and get guiding support to confront tough problems and solve them within their own means. Using their knowledge and experience, AVID-trained tutors are able to conduct collaborative tutorials that lead to increased student participation and success. Trained tutors are able to create an environment where students feel comfortable asking the questions that they might be embarrassed to ask in their content-area classrooms. Tutors are essential to the success of AVID, acting as a resource and role model for AVID students both academically and socially. (


To apply to be an AVID tutor: Please contact Mr. Magnant


2016-2017 EVENTS (subject to change)

September 16th - APU (College Visit)
September 21st - GCU (College Informational Presentation)
September 22nd - RHS College Fair (RHS Gym)
October 7th - CPP (College Visit)
December 9th - UCI (College Visit)