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Back to School-Mrs. Young-SDC-Periods 1-5

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Rowland High School

September 2020

Dear Parents,

Hello and welcome back!  My name is Mrs. Young and I am one of the SDC teachers in the Special Education Department at Rowland High School.  I am excited to be working with your student this school year.  We are already off to a great start

Attendance:  Please encourage your student to attend classes and to be on time every day, unless he/she is ill.  Tardies and cuts will be assigned detention through the discipline office. 

 Class Assignments:  All students need to be prepared with chrome book, textbook, paper & pencil.  Please encourage your student to check their google classroom daily.  Late work will not be accepted for full credit.

Grades:  Students will earn passing grades based upon attendance, class participation, quality of work completed and effort.  I send home a grade sheet every Friday, which shows the current class grade and all missing assignments.  Your student has until the following Monday to turn in any missing assignments for credit.  Please sign the grade sheet and have your student bring it back to school on that Monday.  Your are also able to check grades and attendance by logging into HOMELINK through the Rowland website,

Behavior:  Appropriate school behavior is a criterion for success.  I believe that this is a team effort teacher, parent, and student, but ultimately the student is responsible for his/her own behavior.  When a student demonstrates continuous disruptive behavior, he/she is going to destroy the learning for himself and others in the classroom.  If disruptive behaviors continue after appropriate interventions, discipline referrals will be sent to an administrator.

 Homework Help:  If your student needs additional help on any assignment, he/she can receive it every day during lunch if he/she chooses.  The school also provides on-site free tutoring after school.  I am available to speak with parents during my prep period which is about 1:11-2:00 p.m..  My phone number is (626) 965-3448 ext: 3267.  Or you may contact me by e- mail:

 Once again, thank you parents for preparing your student for this school year. I know you want what is best for your student.  I also want what is best for your student.  Insisting on quality work, good class participation, good attendance and appropriate behavior while at school along with a strong partnership (student, parent, & teacher), your student cannot help but have a productive year.  School progress and improvements are often made in small steps, but these gains make everyone a winner.  I look forward to meeting and talking with each and everyone of you during this school year.


Mrs. S. Young

SDC Teacher/Special Education Department Chair