Rowland Theatre Department Mission Statement

The Rowland Theatre Department strives to:
     a. Expand the appreciation of theatre
     b. Create unity without compromise of individuality
     c. Create and maintain an organized, professional department
     d. Keep all the department members active
     e. Provide a fulfilling experience to those students interested in theatre and opportunities through
         all facets of production as well as other theatre-related activities
     f. Create a trusting and supportive environment in which all points of view can be respected
     g. Inform patrons in a positive manner
     h. Find diverse and interesting ways to attract participants
     i. Provide a variety of cultural and artistic experience for school community
     j. Service the community through free performances/activities and charity fundraising events
Students who choose Arts and Communications as their graduation career pathway and complete 4 prescribed courses in their field as well as senior seminar will receive SPECIAL DISTRICT CERTIFICATION and instruction in:
   -Resume and Portfolio development
   -Networking and Self-promotion skills
   -Project research and development
Every student in the program also is placed in an internship in their field and has the opportunity to practice their skill in a professional environment.
For more information, contact Mrs. Doublet-De Lion or your counselor and visit the district Career Certification website at