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Course description
The overall goal of this physical education class is to teach students how to create and maintain a physically activity lifestyle. This class is designed to promote fitness while covering the California Model Content Standards for Physical Education. Students will be provided with a variety of movement experiences to develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become a well rounded person of society. The activities and units covered in the class include: cardiovascular endurance, basketball, badminton, soccer, flag football, fitness, nutrition, stretching, softball, volleyball and more.

To support school wide goals and to assess student growth, writing and reading assignments/activities will be administered to all P.E. classes at the end of each semester. 
Please see the attachments below for additional information
Weekly Schedule
Mondays: Physical fitness/ Stretching
Tuesdays: Laps (students are to complete 6 laps throughout the period)
Wednesdays: Activity day (see below for current activity)
Thursdays: Activity day (see below for current activity)
Friday: Mile Run (Girls are to complete a timed mile in 10 minutes; boys in 8 minutes-each mile is worth 10 points and one point is lost for each minute over the time limit)

Student Activities First Semester 2015
1st 6 weeks: Swimming
Students will learn a variety of safety procedures prior to entering the pool. Basic or advanced skills will be taught depending upon prior knowledge and experience in the pool. Skills such as: flutter kicks, survival float, floating, free style, back stroke, and breast stroke will be taught to students. 

2nd 6 weeks: Step aerobics

Step aerobics is an aerobic activity to music. Various steps from basic to advanced will be taught and put into combinations to be completed to music. Students are to demonstrate their competency by following along with the teacher to music. Students will learn steps including but not limited to; basic, V-step, A-step, L-step, corner to corner, jack on top, knee ups, and around the worlds. 

3rd 6 weeks: Volleyball

Students will learn how to play volleyball. Basic and complex skills including bump, set, spike, and serves will be taught to the students. Once basic skills are taught and achieved students will participate in friendly and competitive game situations. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at