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Modernization Update as of July 2017
Hello Rowland Families,

I am excited and proud to announce that our new “R Building” will open with the new school year. This two-story building features 22 new classrooms with each featuring an interactive whiteboard and a voice amplification system, 2 teacher workrooms, and 2 sets of student restrooms. This building will house most of the English, World Languages and English Language Development departments allowing almost all students access to a new learning environment with this new school year.

There is always an amount of struggle and sacrifice that goes into developing a strong program, team, system, and in this case a facility. Rowland High School is going through this process currently with modernization in full swing opening the school year in phase 2 of the overall modernization effort. This is the most disruptive and comprehensive of the phases and involves taking out and building many new structures including a two-story library and administration building, Hideout (multipurpose room), food services, ASB room and student store, a Performing Arts Center with over 600 seats, Band and Choir rooms and an open quad area in the center of the campus.

With these changes to the campus it is important to keep you up to date on what is happening so that you may make adjustments as needed. Things that you need to be aware of include:
  • The construction areas on the campus are going to be fenced off for the duration of the work. This will minimize student contact with the areas under construction.
  • To support the congestion, 1-minute was added to the passing period so that students can transition to their next classes on a more congested campus.
  • The parking lot has reduced in size and traffic during drop-off and pick-up will be challenging. Please utilize the pedestrian entry gates as much as possible with gates located at the front and M building steps (as traditionally done), and we will also open the gates on Valencia Street near the softball field.

This work is necessary for Rowland High School to become the state-of-the-art facility that the community envisioned and supported. Know that throughout the construction on the campus the first priority will be for the safety of our students with the protection of the learning environment from distraction as the second. Please keep your eyes on the prize and know that the sacrifices that are made now will pay off in the end. The “Modernization” page on the website will be the place the find that latest news on the progress of the revitalization of Rowland High School.


Mitchell Brunyer

Rowland High School Principal

Some New Locations (not a complete list)
New Student Service Locations
C-1: ASB
C-2: Textbook Room
C-3: Library & Computer Lab
P-10: Snackateria

New Front Office Locations
P-1: Counselors’ Office
P-2: Counselors’ Office
P-3: Principal’s Office
P-4: Front Office & Registrar
P-5: Attendance & Nurse’s Office
P-6: Discipline Office