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opening day instructions for parents

This page will give you all necessary directions to access CLEVER. On CLEVER you will be given links, zoom codes to enter class
  1. All students log into their CLEVER account
  2. All parents will receive phone call announcement
  3. All parents will receive peach jar and email with flyer
  4. Secondary sites will receive hard copy flyer to give/mail to 7-12 students during week of August 3 (some will have already come on campus prior to this; they can receive the flyer through mail)
  5. 7-12 students will receive email with directions
  6. Students click on an opening message from teachers, with ZOOM link. Here is a video on how teachers can create an opening message in CLEVER to post your Day 1 ZOOM link. 
  7. Here is a video showing parents/students how to navigate to the first day link in Clever. This video, along with step-by-step directions, will be included on the parent flyer for the 1st day of school

2020-2021 Classes SH Program Rowland H.S. Okawa

 Ms. Okawa 2020/2021 School Year

Virtual Learning Model

Due to Covid 19 our school format has changed.  Teaching will be presented on a virtual platform.  Students will be given direct instruction via zoom for approximately 30 to 15 minutes each class period.  Instruction will be given Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Classes will be split into block scheduling of 80 minutes.  Wednesday will be devoted to asynchronous learning day ( students will be working independently, no direct instruction will be given) Attendance will be taken and students will be required to check in with the teacher. Work will be assigned through Google Classroom. Wednesday will also be a time for teacher and staff to connect with students and parents and offer any support that is needed.  Just to summarize, Direct instruction will be taking place mainly in the morning, after lunch, classes will be 30 minutes in length. It is during this time I will be check in with students to see how they are progressing.  A virtual bell schedule will be included unto my website for clarity.

All parents and students will be required to log onto "Clever" students will be able to access the various links needed for the virtual classroom setting.  I will be sending you information with the links via email and on this post.  Every attempt will be made to email all necessary information to you, please make sure you provide the school with a working email.

It is our pleasure to working with you and your student, thank you for allowing us to be part of your educational journey.  We will be here for you, do not hesitate to contact us.  The aides will also be here to assist in every way possible.  We are all looking forward to the day we will be able to meet again in the classroom.

Sincerely, June Okawa and staff


Classes and Class Expectations

SH Program Rowland H.S.

Raider Goals: Successful students will be….



     Thinkers                       Communicators                      Contributors



       Courses offered through Rowland High School SDC/SH program includes:

  1. Functional Health: This course is based on standards based curriculum involving self management, health, and independence.
  2. Functional PE: Functional Physical Education focuses on movement skills, fitness, health, and participation in recreational activities.
  3. Functional English: This course is based on standards based curriculum and focuses on individual strengths and weaknesses of each student. Reading, writing, comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling are addressed in this course.
  4. Functional Math: This course is based on standards based curriculum and focuses on individual strengths and weaknesses of each student. Arithmetic, money, time are addressed in this course
  5. Functional Vocational technology: This course focuses on vocational skills and independent living skills. Students learn skills needed to obtain a supported job and live independently to the fullest extent possible.
  6. History: This course is based on a standards based curriculum. Students will gain knowledge, which will help with organization and predicting skills. Students will learn basic historical facts and how it relates to their world. Lessons will also help students make sound and educated choices related to everyday healthy living.
  7. Science: This course will cover the fundamental principles of physical science, earth science, and anatomy and basic health concepts. In addition, we will be covering important current issues e.g. environmental causes, conservation/preservation and humane education.

Classroom Rules:

  1. Bring your school supplies every day.
  2. Stay on task during class time.
  3. Be respectful to each other and to each other’s property
  4. Follow directions given by your teachers.
  5. Cell phones, electronic devices, free time activities need to be put away during class time, and only used during lunch and nutrition break.



  1. Grades in this class are assigned as pass/fail.
  2. Grades are based of effort, attendance, and class participation.



Homework is assigned as a review of basic skills and/or a review of work covered in class as needed. The students should be able to complete homework assignments with minimal assistance. This is based on need and teacher discretion.

Community Based Instruction:

Throughout the year students will participate in community based instruction on a weekly basis (unless there are unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, meetings, etc...).  Community based instruction is an opportunity for students to learn independent living skills in the community such as: safety, ordering food at a restaurant, using the correct amount of money to pay for items, using public transportation, locating items in a store, etc…


Items brought from home:

The school cannot be responsible for items brought from home such as cell phones and electronic devices. If an item is expensive, sentimental, small, or easily broken I suggest you leave it at home please.

Contact information:


Phone: (626) 965-3448 ext.3314 (Subject to change, please contact front office)


This Years Curriculum 2020-2021

Functional Health 

Functional P.E. 

Functional VT 

Functional Math 

Functional ELA 

Functional Science

4th Period Beginning Art