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RHS IB Diploma Program Courses



Grades 11 and 12
IB students are required to choose one subject each year from each of the six academic groups to be eligible for an IB Diploma. However, a student can choose a second subject from either Group 3 or 4 in the 11th grade (IB History and IB Psychology or IB Biology and IB Physics) instead of courses in Group 6 - the Arts to earn an IB Diploma. Students must either take 2 SL and 4 HL courses or 3 SL and 3 HL courses. At least one SL course and exam must be taken in 11th grade. HL exams are only taken in 12th grade.


HL - Higher Level Courses require two years of study and must be taken in both the 11th and 12th grade.

SL - Standard Level Courses require at least one year of study and must be taken in either the 11th or 12th grade.

Group 1 - Language A - Literature - English (HL)

  • IB English HL (11th and 12th)

Group 2 - Language B - Language Acquisition (SL)

  • French SL (11th or 12th)
  • Korean SL (11th or 12th)
  • Mandarin SL (11th or 12th)
  • Spanish SL (11th or 12th)

Group 3 - History of the Americas (HL)

  • IB History HL - AP/IB US History (11th) and IB 20th Century World History (12th)
  • IB Psychology SL (11th or 12th)

Group 4 - Science (SL and HL)

  • IB Biology SL (11th)
  • IB Physics HL (11th and 12th)               

Group 5 - Mathematics (SL and HL)

  • IB Mathematics HL (12th)
  • IB Mathematics SL (12th)
  • IB Math Studies SL (12th)

Group 6 - The Arts (SL and HL)

  • IB Theater Arts SL/HL (11th and/or 12th)
  • IB Visual Arts SL/HL (11th and/or 12th) 
The Core
TOK (11th and 12th) - scheduled class 12th grade, Mondays in 11th grade
CAS (11th and 12th) - performed in 11th and 12th grade
EE (11th and 12th) - researched and completed during 11th and 12th grade