Last Update: 8/20/21
Q: Is every Monday a Late Start day?
A: Yes. You can find the bell schedule here
Q: Do I need to bring my backpack and Chromebook the first week of school?
A: Yes, bring your backpack and Chromebook every day starting on the first day of school. We're going to have some activities on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the first week of school, but students will be going to each and every class all week.
Q: What if I want to change my schedule?
A: Classes are now balanced and there are no more schedule changes.
Q: Is school on-campus or online?
A: On-Campus.
Q: Can I use my locker?
A: Yes. Lockers will be assigned during student Check-in during the last week of July.
Q: Do I have to wear a mask?
A: Yes, the only exception will be during times of eating or drinking, or if you have a medical exemption.
Q: Do students have to social distance?
A: It is recommended that all people socially distance if possible based on the setting and space available.
Q: Do I need to turn in my Chromebook?
A: No, all students will keep their Chromebooks until further notice.
Q: Will 9th graders be issued a Chromebook?
A: Yes, all 9th graders will be issued a Chromebook on Check-in Day.
Q: Who can help students and/or parents set up an Aeries Portal account?
A: Ms. Gonzalez and Ms. Jaynes
Q: Is it mandatory for parents to have an Aeries Portal account?
A: Yes, because parents need to update their demographic information and acknowledge school and district forms on their Aeries Portal account. The last day to update the information is Aug 31st.
Q. What is ParentSquare and do I need to use it?
A: ParentSquare is a mobile app that allows for communication between school and home. Parents also have a way to communicate directly with their student's teacher. We highly recommend all parents and students to use it. You can get more information about it here. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Jaynes.

Q: Will there be a 9th grade orientation for parents now that we will be back on campus?
A: No, there is a series of videos posted to our website instead of in-person parent orientation meetings and the videos can be found here.
Q: Will sports be back to normal and how can I try out for a fall sport?
A: The Athletics department is waiting to receive new guidelines. For now, Fall Sports are practicing and already had tryouts. If a student didn't participate in tryouts and wants to join a sport, he/she needs to contact the coach directly and contact info can be found here. For students who make it onto a sports team, there will be a Fall Sports Parent Video coming soon with more information. 
Q: Is there a way to check CAR hours through my Aeries Portal?
A: Yes, from your Aeries Portal go to Student Info > Activities & Awards.