Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Called Numbers
    • Front Office: 626-965-3448
    • Attendance Office: 626-965-3448 x3223 or x3224
    • ASB Office: 626-965-3448 x3298
    • Athletics Office: 626-965-3448 x3346
    • Counseling Office: 626-965-3448 x3300 or 3219 or x3213
    • Registrar's Office: 626-965-3448 x3216
  • How do seniors make an appointment for their senior portraits?
    Call South Coast Photography to schedule your appointment at 714-630-8584.
  • What if I need a textbook or a Chromebook?
    Go to the textbook room which is upstairs in the main office.
  • What if I need help creating my Google account?
    Go to the Counseling Office which is in the main office and someone there can help you
  • What if I’m going to miss a day of school?
    Contact The Attendance Office at 626-965-3448 x3223 or x3224
  • What if I want to talk to my counselor?
    Talk to your counselor at Nutrition or lunch. The Counseling Office is located in the main office. Or you can email your counselor and his/her email can be found HERE.
  • How do I sign up for or purchase breakfast and lunch?
    Breakfast, nutrition, and lunch is free for all students. If you have questions, contact Food Services. You can find their contact info on their webpage HERE.
  • What if my locker won’t open?
    Go to the Attendance Office windows located at the main office and ask for help with your locker.