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Mr. Poulter's Algebra 1 - Virtual Classroom

Dear Parents and Students,
Starting the school year online is a new time for all of us.  I am excited to begin this new time together and I look forward to getting to know and work with all of you!  Let's do everything we can to make the best of the situation that we are given and learn to thrive together!
Parents:  On this site, I have organized information for you that will easily be accessible.  If you are interested in being in your child's google classroom, please send me an email at and I can invite you to the classroom as a parent.  Also, our main mode of communication will be through ParentSquare, you can also reach through that platform. Also, I will include a parent resource link to help navigate many of the resources we will be using.
Students: When you log onto any accounts, please login through Clever and/or use your school google log-in credentials for the various platforms we will be using.  Also download the StudentSquare App, which is the student version of ParentSquare, for your phone.   
Class Format: Each class period will meet four times per week on Zoom, according to the district provided schedule. During this time, we will review and engage in discussions about current content; students will be able to ask questions and receive individualized assistance as well.
Structure of Work: All resources and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom on Sunday and Wednesday evenings and will be due on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Late Work will not be excepted unless it is for an excused absence.  Work may be submitted by taking a photo of the student's work and submitting it to Google Classroom under the appropriate assignment section. You may opt to print out any resources or worksheets if you have access, but you can show your work on paper whenever necessary.
Office Hours:  Students may communicate questions, concerns, and needs during the Q&A parts of our weekly Zoom meetings. At any time, if a student or parent needs clarification or a specific question about our math class, please email me at You can expect to receive a response within 24 hours.
Grades:  Your child’s grades will be earned based on a combination of assessments, classwork/homework, and participation. Your child will receive a progress report at least twice a semester. A = 90-100% B = 80-89.9% C = 67-79.9% D = 60-66.9% F = 0-59.9%.(Grading policy is subject to change based on the future classroom setting.)
Participation:  Students will earn credit for all tasks and assignments they actively participate in.
I look forward to a great year filled with successful learning and fun.  Student engagement is expected during the entire Zoom session.  Students will be given Exit Tickets periodically to ensure their comprehending the material covered. 

Live Class (Zoom) Expectations:

1.  I will use video conferencing for educational purposes only.
2.  I will let my family know when the live class is starting.
3.  I will check my background and “stop video screen” to ensure that nothing personal or inappropriate is on display or visible.
4.  I will keep my live class meeting ID private and I will join my classes only.
5.  I will share posted videos only with our Learning Community. Our Learning Community refers to our staff, students, and parents.
6.  I will keep my personal information safe. (No sharing of addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc.)
7.  I will post only content that is appropriate to the assignment. I will stay on task in order to meet the learning objective.
8.  I will stay focused in zoom. (No personal grooming, make-up, eating, or chewing gum in front of the camera).
9.  I will log in with my real, full name and show my entire face.
10.  I will be respectful and kind to my teachers and classmates.
         ● I will practice proper communication skills. (No inappropriate gestures or any verbal, written, and/or typed             
            comments  that are rude, negative, or offensive about teachers, classmates, or any of my classmate’s work.)
         ● I will physically raise my hand, or use the raise hand feature when I want to speak and wait to be acknowledged
            before speaking. 
         ● I will mute my microphone during a live class unless I have been given permission to speak.
         ● I will dress appropriately for a classroom setting, according to the school dress code.
         ● I will find a quiet environment that I could sit and learn.

Mr. Clint Poulter