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Use this site to find useful information for all art classes, art club and art events.

If you would like to contact me, my email address is [email protected]schools.org

Students are encouraged to use recycle materials within my class, my classroom is always welcome to donations of any sort from old newspapers, storage containers, display cabinets, useful art equipment or materials. We can find a use for almost anything! 

International Baccalaureate Pathway:

The purpose of Art for 9th and 10th grade students on an International Baccalaureate path, is to prepare the student in approaches, processes and methods of inquiry recommended by the IBO itself.

Students who take art more than one year prior to junior year, consistently  
score higher on the IB Art examination senior year. That is because they have  
had the time to try different materials, experience different field trips
and art events, meet professional artists, ask questions and learn art  
vocabulary.  Most of all, students have had the time to reflect on what they  
have learned to better research, work on and assemble an exhibit of their own  

Students should also regularly attend art shows and Museums, writing about their reactions, ideas and images inspired by the visit in their Investigative Workbooks.

During junior and senior year, the IB student is preparing investigational research and artwork for a final exhibition. The International Baccalaureate Organization reviews the submitted student process portfolio, a comparative study, individual exhibition with a portfolio showcasing their journey through the program. 

Introduction to Art:

Students who choose the pathway for the Fine Arts will take introduction to Art and eventually progress into Advanced Art, IB Visual Arts or AP Studio and/or Special Projects. Students will understand the principles and elements of art along with practical applications of artistic skills through a comprehensive, yearlong course.  Students will learn mediums in drawing, painting and sculpture.

Students in Introduction to Art are expected to work upon an “Artist Journal” that will be checked on a monthly basis.  Pages will be assigned at the beginning of the year and assessed on this scheduled basis.

Advanced Art:

Students who have completed one year of Introduction to Art will progress into Advanced Art where students will embark upon a yearlong portfolio development course. Students will explore deeper into art history, art styles and mediums and career pathways involving visual arts. Students will begin to choose a conceptual theme of their choice that will later develop their AP, IB or Special Projects/Career Certification Portfolio. 


AP Studio Art:

AP Studio Art is a chance for the visually gifted to receive recognition on a national scale. It allows students to compare their work with other high school students throughout the nation, and helps them prepare an excellent portfolio of artwork that is evaluated by the National College Board. All students enrolling in the course are expected to submit a portfolio that demonstrates quality through carefully selected examples of your work. Students may submit a Drawing, a 2-D Design, or a 3-D design portfolio. Students who pass the digital portfolio submission with a AP score of 3,4 or 5 are eligible to receive credit at the college or university level. 

Special Projects:

This class is for art students who have already taken two to three years of art and are either on the Arts and Communication Career Certification pathway completing the appropriate Senior Seminar along with this course. This course is also for students preparing a resume and portfolio for college and/or job applications outside of the AP Portfolio and IB Diploma Programme. Portfolios for some art institution require specific requirements for admissions like FIDM, Art Institute and Art Center. Students are required to partake in activities related to the AP, IB course, department art shows and other activities related to art. Students may assist other department productions such as set & stage, make-up or costume design in plays, choir, ASB activities and other assignments that incorporate visual arts job application, additional portfolio and resume support, and overall school community improvement. 


Students who choose Arts and Communications as their graduation career pathway and complete 4 prescribed courses in their field as well as senior seminar will receive SPECIAL DISTRICT CERTIFICATION and will have completed instruction in:

-Resume and Portfolio development

-Networking and Self-promotion skills

-Project research and development

Every student in the program also is placed in an internship in their chosen field and has the opportunity to practice skills in a professional environment.

For more information, contact Mrs. De Lion or your counselor and visit the district Career Certification website at