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Art Club

Art Club follows what the club name describes: Art. The real question is, "What does Art Club do?" Despite popular belief, you do not have to be able to draw to be in Art Club. Art Club is more about Art Appreciation. If you can appreciate the color scheme, design, layout, or fine details of the world around you, you're perfect for Art Club. Art Club observes many types of artistic works in the world. While Art Club appreciates the classics such as Da Vinci and Picasso, Art Club prefers to explore the Contemporary Arts. We have guest artists who demonstrate their art to Students, field trips to explore art in our community, and partner with other organizations for fundraising spreading art throughout our school and surrounding community. Art Club welcomes everyone and anyone who would like to advance their own knowledge in art or merely appreciate the beauty of a work. Join our Facebook page for updates and other information! Join our remind thread for reminders on meetings and other event CURRENT OFFICERS Co Presidents : Vice President : Secretary: Treasurer : Publicity :