Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a one-year course. One of the most useful classes you'll ever have. This class gives you the information necessary to begin building your financial future.  Some of the topics include: Credit and building your credit score before; banking, insurance, investments, filing taxes, buying a car, college expense and loans, and starting a retirement fund at the age of 18.
Please watch the attached video about the importance of Financial Literacy education under the video link. 
Mt. SAC Articulation:
Upon successful completion of this course earning a "C" or better and the completion of an online Mt. Sac Admissions Application, and articulation form, the student will receive 3 units of college credit that will appear on a Mt. Sac transcript.

TEXTBOOKS: Glencoe Personal Finance

Students are not required to bring their Personal Finance textbook to class each day.
Students are to keep their Personal Finance textbook at home. There is a class set of books to use for classroom activities.
  • There is minimal homework assigned for this course which consists of daily reading from the textbook. 
  • A student might be required to finish a class activity and/or a project for homework if they do not finish during the class period.
    Students must study for chapter tests using their textbook and/or Nearpod Slides
  • The daily agenda is posted in Google Classroom and provides the students access to what is expected each day and what happened in previous days.

Parent/Student Information Letter--Course Expectations
*Please see the attached "Parent Letter" file for the grading policy, discipline policy, and classroom expectations.  Students and Parents/Guardian are asked to acknowledge the course expectations by completing a Google Form that's found in Google Classroom.