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Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a one-year course.
Upon successful completion of this course earning a "C" or better and the completion of an online Mt. Sac Admissions Application, the student will receive 3 units of college credit that will appear on a Mt. Sac transcript.

TEXTBOOKS: Glencoe Personal Finance
*Students are not required to bring their Personal Finance textbook to class each day.

*Students are to keep their Personal Finance textbook at home. There is a class set of books to use for classroom activities.

(In a physical classroom environment)
*There is minimal homework assigned for this course which consists of daily reading from the textbook. 
*A student might be required to finish a class activity and/or a project for homework if they do not finish during the class period.
*Students must study for chapter tests. A chapter review packet is completed in class the day prior to each test.
*The daily agenda digital version posted under "posts" in this website provides the students access to what is expected each day and what happened in previous days.
(In a virtual classroom environment 2020-2021)
*Students will have independent work outside of virtual learning time.  HW information will be posted in the Bitmoji Virtual Classroom page (a link to the page is posted in Google Classroom).
*Tests and quizzes might be assigned if a suitable digital platform can be implemented. In any case, all Quizzes, Exams, and Assignments will be announced in the Bitmoji Virtual Classroom.
*spiral bound 120-page notebook

Parent/Student Information Document (SYLLABUS)
*Please see the attached "Parent Letter" file for the grading policy, discipline policy, and classroom expectations.
Back to School Night Course Video is attached in the Posts and Video sections.
Student Testimonial attached below: