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Marketing is a one-year course. The course is A-G Approved.

TEXTBOOKS: Marketing Essentials
*Students are to keep their Marketing textbook at home. There is a class set of books to use for classroom activities.

(In a physical classroom environment)
*There is minimal homework assigned for this course which consists of daily reading from the textbook. 
*A student might be required to finish a class activity and/or a project for homework if they do not finish during the class period.
*Students must study for chapter tests. A chapter review packet is completed in class the day prior to each test.
*The daily agenda digital version posted under "posts" in this website provides the students access to what is expected each day and what happened in previous days.
(In a virtual classroom environment 2020-2021)
*Students will have independent work outside of virtual learning time.  HW information will be posted in the Bitmoji Virtual Classroom page (link is provided in Google Classroom).
*Tests and quizzes might be assigned if a suitable digital platform can be implemented. In any case, all Quizzes, Exams, and Assignments will be announced in the Bitmoji Virtual Classroom.

Parent/Student Information Letter (SYLLABUS) 
*Please see the attached "Parent Letter" file for the grading policy, discipline policy, and classroom expectations.
Back to School Night Course Video is attached in the Posts and Video sections.
A former RHS student gave a testimonial on the benefits of taking the Marketing course. Please click on the Testimonial Video link below.