Marketing is a one-year course. The course is A-G Approved. This course introduces the student to marketing fundamentals that build their understanding of business practices that are useful for their employment, their consumer life, and if they have their own business in the future. Some of the major topics are: communication, selling, promotion, product service management, distribution, pricing, and entrepreneurship.

TEXTBOOKS: Marketing Essentials
Students are to keep their Marketing textbook at home. There is a class set of books to use for classroom activities.

  • There is minimal homework assigned for this course which consists of daily reading from the textbook. 
  • A student might be required to finish a class activity and/or a project for homework if they do not finish during the class period.
  • Students must study for chapter tests using their textbook, review handout, and/or Nearpod Slides
  • The daily agenda is posted in Google Classroom and provides the students access to what is expected each day and what happened in previous days.

Parent/Student Information Letter--Course Expectations
 *Please see the attached "Parent Letter" file for the grading policy, discipline policy, and classroom expectations.  Students and Parents/Guardian are asked to acknowledge the course expectations by signing a copy that the student will be provided the first week of school and returning the signoff portion to their teacher.
A former RHS student gave a testimonial on the benefits of taking the Marketing course. Please click on the Testimonial Video link below.