Computer Applications

Mrs. Manookian will not be teaching this course in the 2021-2022 school year. 
Computer Applications is a one-year course. This course is A-G Approved.
Mt. SAC Articulation:
This course provides the opportunity to earn 3 units of Mt. Sac Credit for Microsoft Word.

TEXTBOOKS: Edutyping software for the Keyboarding portion of the course.  Paradigm Benchmark Microsoft Office 2019 for the Office applications.

*Students will receive a textbook for home use, and a class set will be available as well. Students do not need to bring their home copy to school. Online software can be accessed off-site, and the Benchmark Office 2019 book offers an e-book and online simulation for home use as well. NOTE: The new curriculum will not be available until mid September 2020.  For the start of the school year, students will be issued the previous version of the textbook for Office 2016.

(In a physical classroom environment)
*There is minimal homework as all assignments are performed in the classroom. However, students might be required to complete assignments if they don't finish assignments during class time. Also, students may need to study for chapter exams if they do not utilize class time.

Parent/Student Information Document: (Course Expectations)
*Please see the attached "Parent Letter" file for the grading policy, discipline policy, and classroom expectations.
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Student testimonials on the benefits of Computer Applications:

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