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Soon students will be registering for next year’s classes in their English class (or US History class for juniors). Parent signature and approval is required on their registration form before they turn it back into the counselor on their assigned registration day. Students who do not return their signed registration forms will have their classes chosen by their counselor. All course selections are final. The registration schedule is below based on the student’s English teacher (or US History teacher for juniors). If you have questions, please feel free to contact your child's counselor.
Class of 2018
Pre-Registration: January 30
Registration: February 3, 6, 9, 10
Class of 2019
Pre-Registration: February 13, 16
Registration: February 23, 24, March 6
Class of 2020
Pre-Registration: March 13
Registration: March 20, 23, 24
Counselors will be holding Pre-Registration and Registration with Intermediate school students on the dates below:
Class of 2021
Pre-Registration: March 8
Registration: March 15 & 17
Pre-Registration: March 9
Registration: March 20
Pre-Registration: To be determined by Mr. Roach
Registration: March 28
Pre-Registration: March 10
Registration: March 21
Pre-Registration: March 10
Registration: March 22