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Rowland High School

50th Anniversary Jubilee

Dear Friends of Rowland High School: 

I am Mitchell Brunyer, Principal and alumnus of Rowland High School. This year we will be celebrating Rowland High School’s 50th year of educating students. Our “50th Jubilee” event takes place on Friday, September 26, 2014, and in honor of our beginnings will have a Country/Western theme.

During the day: We will start with an assembly for the student body during the school day. 

3:15pm: The campus will open for visitors and alumni. A picturesque trip down memory lane will take place in our Hideout and there will be student-led tours of various facilities and grounds. We will also have a variety of activities, game booths, and food vendors for our community to enjoy.

6:30pm: We will have a presentation in the gym that will feature the history of Rowland High School through the eyes of the principals and a tribute to those who donated to the event. 

7:00pm: The Homecoming game will begin with a halftime show commemorating the 50th Jubilee.

In an effort to put on this memorable event we are in need of donations. Therefore, I am calling on our community and alumni to help support this event with monetary donations sent directly to Rowland High School at: 

Rowland High School – 50th Jubilee
2000 South Otterbein Avenue, Rowland Heights, CA. 91748

Through the PayPal account located on this page (hosted through our Rowland High School Raider Educational Foundation).

Any other type of donation such as supplies and/or materials for our food and game booths, decorations, or memorabilia can be coordinated through ASB Director Leslie Phillips at (626) 965-3448 ext. 3323 or

Thank you so very much for considering this request to support the 50th Jubilee and honor Rowland High School’s strong history. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Mitchell Brunyer 

RHS Principal